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Plain Soap

Plain Soap

Use our Plain handmade soap for the skin loving treatment you deserve, especially for those with more sensitive skin. This bar is aimed to ease the suffering of those dealing with eczema or dry skin. This 4oz bar of luxury will make your skin feel  happy and pampered. 

Made with skin loving oils; Olive, Castor, Pallm oils and Shea Butter with the addition of witch hazel, honey and vitamin e. No fragrance. No color.

To best care for your special bar of soap, store in an open dry place to ensure that it is long lasting.
  • *Special Note

    This particular bar, while it has no bells and whistles, has done wonders by providing relief for my son who has had eczema in his still young life. It makes my heart happy to see him not having dealing with the worst of his symptoms, by making a simple change like using a soap that doesn't irritate him at all. I hope this brings someone in your life relief as well! 


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